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World events have shed new light on prophecy and ent-time events.  Jesus' return is the subjct of conversation for believer and non-believer alike.  Believers expectantly look for the rapture.  The world knows Armageddon is approaching.

But there is one underlying mystery, the first to be put into place ages ago, and the last to be fully revealed before Jesus' return and the Day of The Lord.

And this is the book.  "Criplled Christianity, The Last Church Age Revelation." 

See the mystery the Apostle Paul wrote of.

Why Christianity is so little understood, even among Christians.

Find out a possible key to the last great revival.

Know the hidden work of The Blood.

Understand the supernatural conception of a believer.

How understanding that conception arms you against the great deception.

Crippled Christianity, The Last Church Age Revelation (pdf)

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